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Vast & Rich Clientelle
At Walltracts we remain in constant contact with our spectrum of clientele that we have worked diligently to gain the trust of over the years.

We acknowledge the importance of a give-and-take arrangement and strive to work accordingly. Our clients approach us for the best, upon which the best is delivered.

We uphold our motto, setting new standards, by constantly making changes based on valuable customer feedback. However we never cease to remember that consistency is a key component within every competitive industry where competitors emerge and fall on a daily-basis. Therefore we always use quality documents (records of installment procedures) which guide our installations in order to standardize our high-quality operations.

Thus we communicate to the client that no matter what happens around the industry our refined touch remains the same; as it has for nearly four decades now.

Some of our prestigious Clients are:
Construction & Design
Education & Research