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Floor Finishes
Our Broad spectrum in floor finishes comprises the following
Hand Tufted Carpet
These high end carpets have been used in many Walltracts projects which include but are not limited to hotel lobbies, villos, palaces, majilis and presidential suites.
Broadloom Carpet
with suppliers from the U.K. Australia, USA and the far east our Broadloom Carpet covers all types of budgets and designs.
Carpet Tiles
This particular type of carpet has been used in numerous projects because its high durabilityand with a life of at least 10 years it drastically reduces refurbishment costs. With its antistatic properties and high residence to wear and tear it is ideally suited for any office, university and government buildings.
Vinyl Flooring
This is mainly used where there is a high amount of foot traffic and maintenance might became a problem if carpets are used. Hospital, school, public areas corridors and back office of hotels are all common places where this type of flooring has been installed.
Sports Flooring
As the name suggests this type of indoor flooring it used mainly where sports are played. It has a high wearing surface and has the added benefit of a cushion under layer it has been used in numerous sports centers and educational institutes throughout the Middle East.
Parquet Flooring
This wooden flooring always adds a touch of class to any project and with our vast range of wood grains and colours there will be something for every application.