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Our HR Policy
We believe that each individual contributes to the success and future of our Company, just as much as the organization enables an individual's professional and vertical growth. We recognize that our most important asset is our people and therefore we remain committed to improve their developments.

We nurture our people by providing an organizational climate which constantly challenges their mental prowess. We build our people by giving them greater responsibility and support them with a system which is open to mistakes but focuses on lessons that are learnt from them. We believe in keeping our organization flat, flexible and focused on 'what is important'. We treasure a team-based workplace which is open, involved, supportive and celebrates success.

Our Requisites
When we evaluate a candidacy, our focus remains on two primary areas:
  • Functional Know How - Conceptual or domain knowledge,analytical skills and relevant work experience.
  • Attitudinal Fit which includes the following traits:
    • Global Player
    • Team Player
    • Integrity
    • Entrepreneurship

Send your resume to recruitments@walltracts.com with post name as subject!!!