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Wall Finishes
"A unique wall finish can bring a new dimension to a room"

Whether you are utilizing a wall covering or our Wall Trac system you can be sure that the highest quality product and finished is there.

Walltracts's ability to deliver the finest level of custom design, quality workmanship and superior customer service is most apparent in the hospitality industry.

Here the emphasis is on the artistry of creating richly appointed interiors that are warm and inviting, durable yet elegant.
"Much of the work done by Walltracts for the hospitality industry, corporate and domestic is made to order."

The challenge is always to create unique wallcoverings that are in harmony with, and reflect, the locations in which they are found. In meeting this on-going challenge.

we are continually refining so that the highest level of quality is maintained while adhering to the stringent budgets and sensitive timelines characteristic of the industry.

With Walltracts products the customizing options are endless ;  so don't be afraid to think outside the box.

" The only limit is your imagination, and chances are, we can keep up! "

Wall Covering : Walltracts supplies and installs some of the world’s finest contract grade wall coverings.

This product range and our 30 years of experience have enabled us to execute even the most difficult of projects with the perfect finish.
Special Features
  • Our collections meet with the most stringent international specifications. They are specially recommended for heavy traffic areas.

  • Vinyls are heavy duty, washable, impact resistant, scratch resistant, tear resistant and flame resistant.

  • Vinyl wall coverings can last for ages, almost 15 – 20 years on the wall.

  • Custom designs are also possible for minimum quantities.

  • Joints in wall covering is practically invisible as we use the overlap cutting method and match joints perfectly.

  • Our expertise is perfect, bubble – free installation.

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