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Window Dressing Solutions

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Roller Blinds
Roman Blinds
Curtain Tracks & Poles
Skylight System
Dimout Blinds
Panel Glide
Manual & Motorised Roller Blinds
"Keep Rolling"

Walltracts offers roller blinds which filter the radiant component of sunlight, while allowing maximum comfort, lower HVAC consumption and a view to the outside. When compared with the other options, it's easy to see why Walltracts Roller Blind System is "The Architect's Choice"

Special Features of Roller Blinds

  • Solutions for curved, slopes & horizontal fenestration.
  • Perfect for large and extensive glazed area.
  • Clutch spring enables feather touch operations.
  • Lifetime product.
  • Manual, switch, remote systems.
  • BMS integration capability
Manual & Motorised Roman Blinds
"Fashionable & Contemporary"
The most fashionable and contemporary of the blind systems with its precision engineered components is the Roman, Austrian or festoon blind. Combined with virtually any soft furnishing fabric they make a perfect stand alone blind. They also go together with curtains in the same or contrasting fabric which creates a unique look for any residence or commercial property.

Special Features of Roman Blinds.

  • No 'locking-off' required - blind stops without slipping at any required position.
  • Perfect for large and extensive glazed area.
  • The endless bead chain operation is ideal for blinds which are large or inaccessible or where trailing cords are not suitable for left or right hand pull.
  • Blinds upto 4m in width and a drop of up to 6m.
  • Manual, switch, remote systems.
  • Incorporate Velcro Strip for each attachment of blind.
Manual & Motorised Curtain Tracks & Poles
"Indulge in elegance"
Curtains were originally made of animal hide and hung over openings in of doors and windows.
Employed in European Climate as a form of thermal insulation Curtains today come in a variety of fabrics, colors, layers and accessories.

Walltracts product range offers:
  • Metal poles in a variety of colours and finishes including polished steel, gun metal, black and brass. All are available in various diameters and can be bent to fit bay windows.
  • Motorized curtain tracks that can be operated by switch or remote with the quietest of motors.
  • Cubicle tracks that can be used in shower enclosures or in hospital wards.
  • Wave curtains where a permanent wave effect is required on the curtains.

Skylight Systems
"The Architect's Choice"
" Skylight System acts as a window in the ceiling. "

As architects and clients continue to see the value of having bright, open living spaces that interface with the outside world the needs for skylight systems rise. The disadvantages however are heat, light and lack of privacy. Luckily, with todays advances in Window Shading systems, we are able to install shading apparatus mounted to the ceiling which either are controlled by remote, BMS by light sensors which automatically control the shading based on the intensity of light outside.

It is designed to automatically adjust the position of the shades incrementally throughout the building using a PC-based program. Intelligent multi-level command accounts for "Clear", "Cloudy" or "Bright-Overcast" sky conditions in accordance with established criteria for vertical, horizontal or sloping windows.

With large glazed areas come large problems of heat (green house), light, electricity, privacy and glare as well as all of its advantages. Many glazed areas are also very large which means that efficient motorized and remote systems are needed.
Many present inaccessible or awkward shapes.Walltracts can deal with most of them. Walltracts guarantees conservation of energy by reduction of solar heat gain inside large glazed areas.We offer special solutions for monumental curved slopes and horizontal fenestration with flat, soft fold, accordion pleated, top - down, bottom - up configurations...

Special Features of Sky Light Blinds :
  • They reduce the intense heat from the Sun.
  • Available in a range of materials and colours and are unobtrusive and neat in design.
  • They protect your furnishings.
  • Enable you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.
DimOut Blinds
"Silence of Night"
Dimout Blinds are used in rooms where total black out is required. Using a special rollbox system with channels the system can ensure that no light enters the room. This is recommended for applications such as A/V rooms, conference rooms and doctors offices.

Areas of application include:
  • Projection rooms.
  • Conference rooms.
  • Hotel bedrooms.
  • X-ray room- hospitals.

Special Features OF Dim Out Blinds:
  • A choice of side profiles for inside and outside recess and heavy duty profile for large windows.
  • A choice of 3 cassette headbox sizes means that you can select a size to suit the scale of the window.
  • Side profiles are adjustable to allow for variations in the width of the window framework.
  • The range covers all sizes and sloping/vertical/ horizontal situations.
Panel Glide
"Minimilistic Concept"
Unlike Roller or Roman blinds panel glide systems do not roll but rather glide slide across the window. The fabric is framed inside a panel and mounted on a head rail.

This system is ideal for home theaters, large windows doors and can even be employed as a room divider.

The allure of this system comes from it being something different, that cannot be overlooked in a room. You can even have the color and fabric of the panels matching colors of other roller or roman blinds in the room.

In line with the minimalist designs the panel track system is an ideal choice for large windows and patio doors. The panel track looks attractive from the front or back and can be also used as room dividers.

Used with screen fabric or any drapery fabric it creates the ideal window treatment; choose between flat or folding panel, where the folding panel has a stunning 3-D effect.

Panels are easy to remove and replace providing an ideal window solution for domestic, commercial or hospitality projects.
All window dressing systems are available as a motorized alternative.

The motorized option is especially useful when dealing with large windows , multiple windows or when the comfort of an automated system is required.

Special Features of Motorized Option :
  • Motors have inbuilt thermal overload protection.
  • Motor limits are easily set to determine the maximum travel of the system.
  • The exceptionally quiet motor is designed to be hidden from view.
  • The system can be operated by fixed switch, remote or through a building management system.